Laminated Dry-Erase Poster for Quarterly Goals

I was given a Word document that listed their goals for the first quarter of 2021 and was tasked with designing a poster that displayed those goals in a way that was organized and engaging. I left space between the goals for the staff members to write extra notes with dry-erase markers and made sure that the piece aligned with Elevation Church's branding, not just on the local level, but on the entire church's level as well.

Invitation Business Cards

The church needed some small cards to hand out for people to pass on to others or just so they would have the ability to get connected more easily. This card was designed with a picture of the location on the back so it would be more easily recognizable for those who have not been before and a QR code was created for the information side so that people would more easily be able to connect online and have quick access to the church's Facebook page.

Double-sided Connection Cards

The church needed something for parents of kids to fill out so they could get more connected. I designed these 4" x 4" cards with a glossy logo side and a matte form side so people could easily fill them out. I based the design on the church's established eKidz logo and branding that they use regularly.

Double-sided Connection Cards

These cards were also made in the same style as the eKidz connection cards, but the design was based on a lanyard that the church was using in their campaign to push for more connection with the adults in small groups. The glossy side of the card (not fully pictured) was their design that was adapted to the size of the connection cards. The matte form side that is shown was the new design that was added. It was made to be visually cohesive with the eKidz connection cards that I had also created, but with the church's normal orange coloring instead.

Every Door Direct Mail Advertisement

This advertisement was part of a shared every door direct mail piece that went out to 10,000 local addresses. I was tasked with designing a 4" x 6" ad that adhered to the church's branding guidelines and was cohesive with recent social media ads that they had been using. The photos used came directly from their photography volunteers.

Social Media Post

This simple post just needed to convey when an event was taking place so it had minimal text. They already had a picture in mind that they wanted to be used (taken by their volunteer photographers). I created a simple design that would make it easy for viewers to read. I wanted to use the three lines coming out from the angled color block to tie the design back to the church's outreach logo, which is the Elevation Church chevron surrounded by three circle outlines.

Social Media Advertisement

This design was inspired by the initial thought that the church would be doing baptisms before or during the night of worship. I wanted a "washed by the water" feel for this piece. The two water related overlays are stock photos and the main picture is from the church's volunteer photographers.

Printed Sign

Printed Poster

Social Media Post

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