Milk & Honey Organic Cafe - Menus, Hour Signs, Business Cards, Bottle Labels, and Cap Labels

The owners of this organic cafe started out just wanting to redo the labels for their fresh-pressed juice. The project evolved into a redesign of their menus, cafe signage, and business cards as well. I was given their already-made logo and a description of what they were about as a restaurant who specialized in farm-to-table dining. From there I created a look for them that feels earthy and natural but with a little green splash of honeycomb as a callback to their name that could be used to tie any of their printed or digital graphics together. 

Double-sided Menu Inserts

Bottle Cap Labels

Farm Flyers

Along with the cafe the owners also had other operations at their farm that they needed advertised so I put together two flyers for their raw milk business. The color flyers with the pictures were posted on community boards and in shop windows, while the black and white flyers were more economical and printed on a larger scale for handouts.

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