Trade Show - Tablecloth, Retractable Banner, and Backdrop Banner

I was given their logo and the information they wanted on their retractable banner. These specialty items were designed with prepress in mind and made for ease of submission for printing. The only branding I had to go off of was their current website design. After speaking with the marketing team and getting a feel for what they were wanting, we kept it simple.

Flyers and Double-sided Business Cards

These were made to specifically be handed out at the trade show that the other specialty items were made for. Everything needed to match and look cohesive and it also needed to match their existing branding and look on their website. I was given the information that they wanted and how it was to be grouped together so I went from there to create a flyer that displayed their best offerings in a clear and concise way.

Double-sided Postcards

These were also designed to be handed out at the trade show and were meant to display a specific special that was just for the trade show attendees. I was given the information they wanted included along with a general idea of the type of picture they wanted used to grab the attention of their prospective clients. I made these to be cohesive with the other things being handed out at the trade show so that all pieces that people went home with would be recognizable as the same company.

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